Letter This In Your Style

2019 seems to be the year of the lettering collabs! And @ibelina.pirulina and @bealettering want to do their bit too with this lettering challenge. Many of you have been following it for a couple of months already, but if you are new here, welcome to #letterthisinyourstyle!

How does it work?

Just like there’s a #drawthisinyourstyle, where different artists create their version of a drawing made by another artist, we want you to create a lettering piece in your own style, based on a sketch that we will post every two weeks at @letterthisinyourstyle (yup, we just opened the new account, but it’ll be a huge community in no time!).

We know that facing a composition or lettering piece from scratch can be a bit overwhelming, and that’s why we provide you with a rough sketch, that you are free to finish with your favorite technique. Digital or traditional, watercolor or brush pens, even coffee beans are welcome! Just get as creative as possible, and don’t forget to share your work!

How do I join?

First thing you need is the week’s sketch. We will post it at
@letterthisinyourstyle, and it will be available as a PDF through the link in bio. Remember, there is no rush. Take your time to complete the final piece, as every round will be on for two weeks!

Once your piece is done, post it with the hashtag #letterthisinyourstyle. If you really don’t want us to miss it, feel free to tag @ibelina.pirulina, @bealettering and/or @letterthisinyourstyle. And since you are at it, check other artists versions and show them some love! Encouraging comments are always welcome 🙂

And every week, Ibelis and Bea will choose the most creative pieces, and feature them both on Insta Stories and on @letterthisinyourstyle grid. Will yours be the next one featured there? 😉

Can I submit my own sketch?

Actually, yes you can! Ibelis and Bea have been posting their own sketches, but we want to make this even more collaborative by encouraging you to send us your own sketch for other artists to finish. If it gets chosen, we will of course announce it as yours, together with a brief description of your work as our guest host of the week :). The more the merrier!

Just DM us your sketch to @letterthisinyourstyle, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Remember, it has to be a sentence or quote of at least 4-5 words, already arranged in a composition. Also, let us know why you chose it and why should it be included in the challenge.

Let’s do it!

So you are in? Wonderful! Next sketch will be posted tomorrow, so get your tools ready! We cannot wait to see all your amazing pieces!

And in case you are done and want more, there are some very similar challenges going on out there that we are sure you’d love. Our favorites? @stefankunz and his #halfbakedsketches and @just.drawing.words and her #letterinyoursyle (almost the same hashtag, yes :p, but here you get to choose what other artist’s piece you want to recreate)

Have fun and letter on!

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